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            1. The hotline:13833690395
              Company profile

              Grindmax Machinery (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd has descended from LangFang Chiri Machinery Co.,Ltd , which was established in 2009 as a limited liability company approved and registered by relevant government authorities .

              GrindMax Machinery (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd is mainly engaged in producing and selling wet and dry material grinding machines , including but not limited to stand alone machines, grinding systems ; covering one –stop service from breaking , grinding , conveying, mixing to sieving ..etc. Key products : Vortex Mill, super-micro mill, oily material grinder , Hammer grinder , Rotary cutting grinder , Colloid mill , Multi-functional grinder, Meat grinder , Bone crasher ,Bone grinder , Homogenizer. These products are wildly used in food Ingredients industry , Bakingmateiralsindustry,Phar macy and Chemical industry..etc .