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              Six methods to prevent accidents of colloid mill

              (1) Correct understanding of colloid mill is a kind of equipment with potential hidden danger. After mastering its structure, working principle and medium properties, the installation and commissioning shall be carried out in strict accordance with the technical requirements. Ensure that the concentricity error of the dynamic and static grinding plates is not more than 0.05mm; the radial runout of the moving disc is not more than 0.04mm; the axial movement is less than 0.1mm, and the inspection is carried out regularly.

              (2) Strictly control the filtration. Materials entering the colloid mill must be strictly filtered. In general, the pre emulsion can enter colloid mill at least 60 mesh mesh filtration to reduce the possibility of hard particles, metals or other substances entering the mill.

              (3) Continuous and balanced feeding of screw pump. The volume of the funnel should be increased at the feeding port to make it always in the material sealing state when feeding; the air volume mixed in the screw pump discharge port should be reduced as far as possible, and the material grinding time should be prevented for too long.

              (4) During the operation process, the working current of colloid mill shall be strictly controlled, and the working current shall not be too high or too low. The general control range is 12a-15a. The idle time of equipment in the production process shall not be more than 1min.

              (5) At the end of each shift, warm water should be used to wash the mechanical seal device of colloid mill and the residual materials between grinding plates to prevent crystallization and avoid the difficulty of starting the machine.

              (6) Regular mandatory maintenance. Open the static grinding disc at least once a month, thoroughly wash the tooth groove of the dynamic and static grinding disc, and remove the metal, sand and other impurities; after verifying the parameters, install the test machine.