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              Grindmax machinery (tianjin) CO. LTD.

              Address:No.7, guwang road, jingbin industrial park, wuqing district, tianjin city.

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              520 Vortex Grinder Unit

              Vortex Grinder Unit

              WLF series grinder is the swirling –patterned grinder, successfully developed by both absoring advanced technology and combining with the actual domestic situation.This grinder unit is featured by high fineness of crushing, low temperature rise, high ouput, extensive fitted material and dust collecting. Composed of main

              grinder, micro-mist collector, filtering tube type dust collector, running pipe, electrical control cabinet and centrifugal fan. Grinder use high quality stainless steel and heat-treated by special process and adopt high accuracy foreign bearing and balanced rotor. All these keep key features assured like stable performance, excellent

              abrasive resistance , low noise and low consumption,high productivity and convieninent maintenance . It proves to be the ideal micro-mist grinding device for the food, grain and fodder, pharmacy and chemical industries.

              Application: white granulated sugar, glutinous rice flour, spicery, fruit-vegatable powder defatted soybean..etc.

              Based on market demand, we developed fully automatic flutinous rice flour producing line. It covers whole process including dip-in, conveyance,trash separating, air drying, grinding, micro-grinding, drying and packing. Whole process is controlled by PLC , therefore, lowered labour force . Stainless steel meet require

              ment of food industry. It features high yield, productivity and fineness as well as clean and tidy working enviroment..etc .