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              Grindmax machinery (tianjin) CO. LTD.

              Address:No.7, guwang road, jingbin industrial park, wuqing district, tianjin city.

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              420 Grinder


              Overview And Use

              Products of this series are designed with handsome exterior. All of the components directly exposed to the materials are made from SUS304 stainless steel, which are divided into two types, namely stand-alone and dust extractor set. This device gives the centrifugal force, shear force and impact force a full play. The materials are kept for a short while inside the main machine with a low temperature rise. This device is featured by steady performance, low noise and low consumption. Thus it is the ideal micro-grinding equipment for thepharmacy, food, chemical, coating and pesticide industries.


              Application: white granulated sugar, spicery, fruit-vegetable powder,corn, defatted soybean wet and dry glutinous rice powder traditonal Chinese medi cine, etc.