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Vertical colloid mill

JM(S) Series Colloid Mill

Working Principle

This device shears and grinds materials in high-speed through the relative movement between the stators and rotors of various geometrical shapes, which simultaneously generates several types of composite forces including high-frequency vibration and high-speed vortex, so as to refine the processed materials. The crashing chamber is designed with three grinding stages. The first stage is coarse grinding. The second stage is refined grinding and the third stage is ultra-micro grinding. It is able to efficiently achieve the ultra-micro grinding effect

at one time through adjusting the intervals between the rotors (or circular processing based on the features of various materials and the customer request). This equipment is provided with the characteristics of compact structure, stable operation, low noise, strong corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and convenient maintenance, etc. It is so far the optimal wet-grinding equipment of China.

Applied Range

As for the food industry, this equipment is applied to processing: peanut butter, sesame paste, fillings of foods, nectar, ice-cream, cream, jam, juice, soybean, soybean paste, sweetened bean paste, peanut milk, protein milk, soybean milk, dairy products, essence, all sorts of beverage, emulsified mashed chicken bone, emulsified pork skin as well as skins and visceral organs of other animals, etc.

As for the chemical industry, this equipment is applied to processing: pigment, dyestuff, coating, lubricating oil, lubricating grease, petroleum catalyst,emulsified asphalt, cementing compound, plastics and emulsified explosive, etc.

As for the pharmacy industry, this equipment is applied to processing: various types of syrup, nutrient solution, Chinese patent medicine, pollen, vaccine, all types of unguent, oral

medicine, emulsion and husbandry medicine, etc.