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              Grindmax machinery (tianjin) CO. LTD.

              Address:No.7, guwang road, jingbin industrial park, wuqing district, tianjin city.

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              Meat Grinder

              Meat Grinder

              Overview And Use

              The materials are mainly pushed toward the pre-cut pore plate from the hopper by the rotating threaded rod of the device. By using the rotating blades and the pore blade on the pore plate, materials will be cut up. The materials would be constantly withdrawn under the extrusion force of the threaded rod. This equipment can be equipped with proper knives and pore plate based on the different material nature and processing demand, so as to produce granules with different sizes for meeting the technological demand of the next procedure.

              This equipment is made from high-quality stainless steel, which will not contain the processed materials and conforms to the food hygienic standard. After special heat treatment, the knives are provided with excellent abrasive resistance and long service life. This equipment is easily operated, conveniently dissembled and installed and easily cleaned. It can be used extensively in product processing. And it works excellently in maintaining all sorts of original nutrition of the materials after processing and is provided with outstanding preservation effect. The knives can be adjusted and changed optionally based on the actual using demands.

              Applied Range

              This equipment is suitable for processing all kinds of frozen meat, fresh meat, chicken bones, duck bones, port skin, cattle hide, chicken skin, fish product, fruits and vegetables.

              It can be extensively used in processing all sorts of sausages, ham sausages, canned meat, meat balls, salty essence and pet food as well as other meat products.